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11/4/2015 6:32:12 PM
There is an epedemic going on in the green community and it becomes more and more relevant every day.

We often hear from celebrities who tell us how environmentally conscious they are and how we should follow their lead.  I will never disagree with the message of doing more with less.  My problem is when people stand on the pulpit and don't practice what they preach.  When there is an article which mentions how "green" a 5,000+ sf home is, it makes me scratch my head.  How is a home that large sustainable in any way?  

In other parts of the world, people live in homes much smaller than what the typical American considers comfortable.  In other parts of the world, families eat meals that are smaller than the typical American eats for themselves.  We live in the lap of luxury compared to most other people and that means we are also the most ferocious consumers of everything from fuel and food to other natural resources.

Don't look to the media or celebrities to tell you what is "green".  Look to common sense.  Walk through a job site during demo and tell me about sustainability.  The true goal should be to conserve our natural resources.  Living with less is socially, environmentally and financially responsible.
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